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I should explain a few things for those who are curious or confused about the floorplan of this old manor. Those familiar with this design will take in their stride the haphazard layout and less than clear navigation. Indeed the lack of any navigational aids is of course intentional.

If you would like to learn some things or contribute to the teaching of others then you are in the right place. A whole wing is devoted to web searching, and skillful web seekers do not need or rely on friendly websites to show them the way around a site. In fact if you can use Googles' advanced operators you would already know how to use a search engine to give you a map of any site on the web! So for those not familiar with these techniques it's good to practice here, and for those that are then you won't care.

61 aims to provide some helpful and interesting tools and information. Mostly concerning the internet and online activities, technology, how to find and use things to your advantage. At the moment though, only the Searching wing is open, while renovations are occuring elsewhere.

Occasionally I might rant or philosophise. Feel free to disagree or correct mistakes. I encourage open dialogue and constructive, intelligent criticism. To contribute your own findings (and I don't need to tell you how important it is that you share your knowledge and discoveries) feel free to contact me.

And although locating the content of 61 may seem a bit haphazard, at the same time I have tried to avoid making it too difficult to find. It starts only just below the surface, but those who dig deeper will find the most treasure.

A distinct lack of flash animiations and graphics means that the pages should load for you fairly quickly, even if you are on a slow link. Low glitz is a design factor.

No advertising is also important. Some people on the web would try to make you pay for information by getting you to sign up for crazy memberships. The recent popularity of p2p and file sharing has inspired a lot of idiots like these moorons to try and trick you into paying for software that is freely available on the web. Advanced web seekers have known how and where to find all kinds of stuff on the net long before p2p took off. This knowledge, like all knowledge, should be freely available and freely passed on to anyone who has the desire to learn.

That's why I chose a Creative Commons license for these pages. So that everyone can use this information and pass it on. Details of the license can be examined by clicking on the logo at the bottom of this page. Keeping one eye on reality though, you will realise that everything you come across on the web is yours for the taking. :)

And free knowledge means there's no protection from the darker side of the net here. I'm not in the censorship business. You may learn some techniques of dubious legitimacy. It's up to you not to break your local laws. I can't help you there. I'm sure you are wise enough to read about something without having to actually DO IT!

I don't use American spelling! Get over it. If you prefer to use it, then feel free to break out your Websters Dictionary.

Your browser has a back button. All these pages are handcrafted in the most fabulous EditPlus text editor (you know it even runs like a dream in Linux using wine). So is it really necessary for me to put a 'back' link on every page? Thought not.

You may notice that this site is influenced quite heavily by Searchlores. I make no secret of that and some of the content here certainly overlaps. Searchlores is such a vast resource of knowledge that it would be hard not to. But at the same time I do not want to reinvent the wheel. This site explores some different roads and is more of a testing ground for ideas and tools that can help a seeker. I would be happy to think that 61 complements searchlores and some stuff will probably end up there anyway. I have much respect for Fravia and what he has contributed and how he has motivated others to contribute to the internet community. I am happy to provide the work here in that spirit.

To a lesser extent some influence also comes from Swimmer's Place. Once again a wealth of information can be found here, in an entertaining style, if one is prepared to follow the rabbit down the hole.

I hope you learn something about the net, web, computers, technology, how to find stuff and what to do with it. If you do, consider contributing back and adding something of your own. I think it would be good for your karma.

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