Lazy Webmasters

One of my pet annoyances is when I come across web pages that have not set a background colour in their html. Often it is because Internet Explorer defaults to a white background (except for really old versions) and these lazy sods don't do any real testing on their sites.

Everything is just peachy if you use IE and the web designers have designed all the graphics and layout for a white background but if you use a browser that has a different default background colour (such as grey) the whole page looks really bad and unprofessional.

Of course they would have picked this up straight away if they tested the site with multiple browsers with different settings. But slack web admins don't bother with this and think we are all MS slaves using IE.

A simple HTML option in the body tag such as bgcolor="#FFFFFF" and presto, problem fixed.

If this annoys you too, you can use the below text to send these amateurs a friendly tip.

Cut & paste the above and send them a friendly tip.

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