CBAS is still very much under development. The code and index is constantly under revision and as such predictable results cannot be guaranteed.

Here's the breakdown of what CBAS does for image analysis and comparison:

  • Normalise the source and target images to standard size (150 x 150)
  • Calculate three 25x25 regions in the image to analyse (total 625 pixels per region)
  • Read in the pixel RGB values
  • Keep count of how many pixels have the same RGB values (or close within a set amount)
  • Sort the list of RGB values to build a top 10 list of the most frequent colours
  • Compare top 10 lists of source and target for each region
  • Determine how many regions match (based on top 10 list comparison)
  • Write out log with results (including thumbnails, URL's etc)

Source Image

This is the image you have and want to find out more about. It will be analysed in realtime.

Enter the full url to the image in the format: If the image is not on the web but on your local computer you will need to put it on the web somewhere.

Region Variation

CBAS compares the top 10 colours in each region of the source and target. This value allows you to specify how many of those top 10 colours need to be the same to consider the region a match.

Obviously this is a number between 1 and 10. The lower the number the looser the criteria for a match.

Prevalence Order

This determines if the order of the top 10 matters when comparing.

If yes then this compares the number 1 most frequent colour in the source image to the number 1 most frequent colour in the target and then the number 2 most frequent colour in the source with the number 2 in the target and so on.

If set to no then it will compare the number 1 most frequent colour in the source image with all the top 10 colours in the target. In other words the order doesn't matter, just as long as it matches another top 10 colour, not necessarily with the same ranking.

Keeping this turned off will allow for more deviations in the images and tends to produce better results when the Region Variation is at 5 or more. If you still find too many possible matches are returned, then turn Prevalence Order on and try lowering the Region Variation to around 2.

See the example page for some ready made searches.

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