Here are some ready made examples to display the hits and misses. Click on the source images to see them at full size before searching.

Image Slightly Defaced

Slightly Defaced This image has exactly the same dimensions as taken from the database but it has been slightly defaced. The default settings should find this fairly easily.

Region Variation: 5  Prevalence Order: No

Image Defaced & Size Reduced

Defaced & Size Reduced This image has been defaced as above but also scaled to 50% in size. The aspect ratio has been maintained. This shouldn't be an issue as both source and target are compared after being resampled to 150 x 150.

Region Variation: 5  Prevalence Order: No

Image Defaced, Reduced & Distorted

Defaced, Reduced & Distorted Once again this image has been defaced and reduced in resolution but this time the aspect ratio has been distorted to make the height greater than the width. Again this works with the default settings, but you already guessed that didn't you?

Region Variation: 5  Prevalence Order: No

Image Defaced & Filtered

Defaced & Filtered This image has been defaced. It retains the original dimensions but it has been run through a blur and a pixelise filter. Region Variation had to be dropped slightly to get a match.

Region Variation: 4  Prevalence Order: No

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